Why use a chauffeur?

Here are some of the best reasons why you should use a chauffeur

You can eat, drink and relax without having to worry about a thing. Leave your car keys at some and unwind after a long week. Eliminate the hassle of parking and worrying about how to get home if you want to drink.

Chauffeurs are great for private parties

Be the ultimate host and book a chauffeur for your special guests to get them to and from the party. You can know they are getting home safe.

Airport transfers or train stations

If you are going on a trip you can save the cost of long term parking and not having to worry about using public transport.

Office parties and work functions

Book chauffeurs with Sky Vans to transport your colleagues home, allowing everyone to leave their car home.

Chauffeured corporate events

Boost customer loyalty by using high end chauffeured vehicles. Your clients will surely appreciate being able to relax and enjoy corporate hospitality.

Business Lunches

Make a statement, bring your client to lunch an a premier vehicle and seal the deal.

Look professional

Chauffeur driven cars are usually the best on the market so therefore you are sure to give off the right impressions and earn some status!

Chauffeurs can actually cost you cheaper than a taxi

Not many people know this, but a chauffeur can actually cost you a lot cheaper than using a return taxi. Plus you will avoid parking costs which can be double the price.


infographic sourced from visual.ly