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Undoubtedly, the 12 Apostles is a major Australian landmark. Its ruggedness is a major feature behind its huge attraction among individuals touring Australia. It is located between the Great Ocean Road and Port Campbell National Park. The Twelve Stones derive their name from the fact that they are an assortment of stacks of limestone that are close to each other. Previously, there were twelve stacks of limestone. However, with the passage of time and due to erosion, four of the twelve piles of limestone have disappeared leaving the area with eight limestone stacks. Nevertheless, this reduction has not prevented the popularity of the 12 Apostles Great Road Ocean Road tours in which Sky Vans can provide.

More facts about the Twelve Apostles

Did you know?
  • The stone formations were created naturally by effects of erosion and continues to erode at the rate of two centimeters each year. So make sure you get around to seeing this amazing landmark before it’s too late!
  • Local authorities are doing working to ensure that marine life around the limestone stacks remains intact for as long as possible.
  • These stone pillars rise up to more than 46m high!

The dramatic picturesque coastline on which the limestone stacks are located, create windswept and rugged scenery that is hard to ignore, and is a perfect spot for individuals looking for the best hideaway destinations. When the seas are raging and winds howling, there is no better place for anyone to be at than here and perhaps more than one can find elsewhere in the world.

There is little doubt of the amazing features that individuals from different backgrounds and countries find when visiting the Twelve Apostles. You can also have the chance to enjoy other attractions including golf courses, or to go on souvenir shopping. Other main attractions here include water sports, skate parks, local shipwrecks, trails, lookouts, heritage touring and fishing among others. Tourists will also learn about how the naming of it was done, view wildlife, visit volcanic lakes and craters, and much more.

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